Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a typical session?

Session length varies with each individual client's needs. However, most portrait or headshot sessions last approximately 90 minutes. This allows Robert enough time to bring out the best in each individual. Additional time may be required if a makeup artist is provided by the studio.

What types of outfits should I bring?

We recommend that you bring multiple, different looks for yourself. For a headshot session, you only need to be concerned with tops. Also, only bring outfits that you absolutely love. If you don't think you look your best, you won't shoot your best. You should feel not only comfortable wearing them, but also believe you look your best in them. Feel free to mix it up with different looks, color palettes, accessories, etc. Just limit bold patterns or graphics as we want to showcase you, not your clothes.

Do you provide a hair and/or makeup artist?

Hair and makeup artists are hired by request (rates may vary). It is highly recommended that you hire at least a make-up artist when scheduling a headshot session. This will allow you to focus 100% on your shoot without makeup becoming a distraction. You should come "hair ready" as if going to a casting call or audition. If you need helping selecting and hiring a makeup artist, let us know.

If I'm a guy do I need to come clean-shaven?

If you want to market yourself with facial hair, come with facial hair in whatever style you feel you look your best. We will shoot until we feel we have enough usable images and then you can always shave for a different look. So bring a razor.

Will my images be retouched and is there an extra cost for that service?

After each session, Robert and his team will identify the best images from your shoot and begin retouching and enhancing them as needed. Currently, all retouching is done "in studio." There is no additional cost for retouching services as it is already covered in the session fee.

What if I want to handle retouching and/or printing myself?

For quality control purposes, all retouching and printing is handled by the studio in order to produce the best images possible. 

Can I get digital images for use on social media or my personal website?

Yes. We understand that clients may want to share their images on social media or a personal website for marketing purposes. As part of our services, we will provide a few preview images for sharing on social media. These images are watermarked, low resolution images formatted for viewing on a computer or smart device.  Additional images for personal websites or marketing purposes are priced in a similar manner to individual prints with prices varying according to use.